Cashmere Scarves

The Cashmere Scarves collection by Corso Vannucci includes historical products of the brand, from classic men’s and women’s scarves made of pure high quality cashmere, to light and soft pashime, offered in a vast range of colors, able to conquer every personality and finish each look with style. In addition to the scarf model, Corso Vannucci offers its customers very soft and unique cashmere necks, also made in multiple colors, from the most lively to the most formal. These accessories are the most practical and warm you could wish for, try one and it will conquer you with its softness.

Lightweight and soft, we present our Pashima in countless colors, from the most...


Our 100% scarves perfectly embody the warmth and softness of Cashmere Loro Piana....


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Corso Vannucci Cashmere
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