Cashmere Capes and Shawls

The Cashmere Capes and Shawls collection by Corso Vannucci presents various proposals to finish the woman outfit. From the full-bodied capes, to the enveloping stoles, these faithful companions will conquer you, giving you a feeling of softness and warmth that only the Corso Vannucci Cashmere products can transmit. Very functional and practical they are perfect to wear over a sweater or a jacket, have fun combining them together and covering them in the coldest months of soft cashmere.

Ribbed cape with a versatile and comfortable button closure. Heavy garment, practical to...


Cape finished with ruffles on the edge, elegant and enveloping, suitable for any...


Warm and wrapping shaved cape, can be worn over a dress or over...


Warm and enveloping shaved stole with elegant curled edge.


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Corso Vannucci Cashmere
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